Yellow-fronted Canary

(Serinus mozambicus)
Yellow-fronted Canary
South Africa, Kruger and Drakensberg area

Other Siskins‚ Crossbills‚ and Allies

Purple-throated Euphonia

Euphonia chlorotica

Violaceous Euphonia

Euphonia violacea

Orange-bellied Euphonia

Euphonia xanthogaster

Chestnut-bellied Euphonia

Euphonia pectoralis

Common Chaffinch

Fringilla coelebs


Fringilla montifringilla

European Serin

Serinus serinus

Cape Canary

Serinus canicollis

Forest Canary

Serinus scotops

Yellow-fronted Canary

Serinus mozambicus

Yellow Canary

Serinus flaviventris

European Greenfinch

Chloris chloris

Oriental Greenfinch

Chloris sinica

Eurasian Siskin

Spinus spinus

Pine Siskin

Spinus pinus

Hooded Siskin

Spinus magellanicus

Olivaceous Siskin

Spinus olivaceus

American Goldfinch

Spinus tristis

Lesser Goldfinch

Spinus psaltria

European Goldfinch

Carduelis carduelis

Eurasian Linnet

Carduelis cannabina

Trumpeter Finch

Bucanetes githagineus

Purple Finch

Haemorhous purpureus

Himalayan Beautiful Rosefinch

Carpodacus pulcherrimus

Vinaceous Rosefinch

Carpodacus vinaceus

Pine Grosbeak

Pinicola enucleator

Red Crossbill

Loxia curvirostra


Coccothraustes coccothraustes

Yellow-billed Grosbeak

Eophona migratoria