Côte d'Armor

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Cap Fréhel (May 8th, 2003)

 We spent four days in this region. We bagan by the Cap Fréhel. This site was the only place in France where nest Razorbills and Common Murres. Moreover, numerous European Shags nest as well as Northern Fulmars, Herring Gulls, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, and Great Black-backed Gulls. The site of nesting is few hundreds meters east of the parking. We saw all these species in the same time. The point of view allowed to make very beautiful observations. We even had the chance to see a coupling of Razorbill! The surroundings area of the parking was a very good site to observe the Dartford Warbler without forgetting that a couple of Peregrine Falcon live around...  



Common Murre

European Shag

Perros-Guirec and the "Septs Iles" (May 9th, 2003)

This group of islands is off Perros-Guirec between 5 and 10 kilometers of the "Rose Granit Coast", an other big attraction of this area. You can make a Cruise to the islands. The Cruise lasts between 1:30 and 3:30 hours according to the formula you choose. For more information: www.armor-decouverte.fr

The Islands are especially known because of the Rouzic Island residents: 20000 couples of Northern Gannet and between 200 and 300 couples of Atlantic Puffins. I had not seen this species in bridal plumage for 14 years! During the excursion we also observe some Razorbills and Common Murres. We even saw one Manx Shearwater: there is between 100 in 200 couples on the island but this bird is often far of the colony during the day. In other islands nests some Eurasian Oystercatchers, number of European Shags, a couple of Common Raven and of course, several species of Gulls. We stop one hour on the "Ile aux Moines" where stays a small colony of "Grey Seal" ...



"Grey Seal"

The "Sillon de Talber" (May 10th, 2003)

It is a rather curious site: a big rocky prominence of 3,5 kilometers in the sea surrounding by a lot of reefs. Many waders and terns nest on this place. I had never seen so many Ruddy Turnstones! At the end of this natural dike nests Common Ringed Plovers and Little and Common Terns. At the beginning of May the terns was not settled yet but we had a very good moment with a couple of Little Tern. The male made us third demonstrations of fishing before joining the female and offer her a small fish. An other strong moment, the attack of an Eurasian Hobby who made fly away hundreds of Dunlins, Sanderlings, Turnstones and Plovers!  

Ruddy Turnstone

Abbey of Beauport (May 10th, 2003)

This Abbey near Saint Brieuc is close to the sea. There's a small swamp where you can see or hear few birds of wet zones. We saw several Cetti's Warbler, generally a rather difficult bird to see! The observation the most interesting, it was the capture of a snail by a Song thrush: rather violent but it's the life!  

The Song thrush and the Snail

Other sites

All the coast is remarkable, like for exemple the "point of Mina". Bays allow to observe any species of waders as for example the "Cove of Yssiniac" near Saint Brieuc. Not very far from Perros-Guirec, you can make a small wlak around the swamp of Quelen...